Emissions Festival

4 Day Weekend Pass

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Parking Passes

Every vehicle will need to purchase a Off Site Parking Pass. You can purchase it now or when you arrive

*See detail below on the extremely Limited Onsite Parking Passes

Onsite Parking Passes will be on sale soon - Extremely Limited

Park your car onsite - instead of the offsite Parking Lot

*Please note that this is not is a Car Camping Area. The parking is along the town and you most likely will not be able to camp in your car.


2018 Vendor Application is now open. Please fill out the 2018 Vendor Form.


Gates open for attendees at 10 am Friday morning.
Arrive at the venue
Belden Town Resort Address 14785 Belden Town Rd, Belden, CA 95915
There will be a small parking lot to go through and get your wrist bands and drop all your camping gear off.  
We have a shuttle that runs inside the venue Friday until about 8pm in the evening to help you get your camping gear down to the camping area.
After being wrist banded the driver of the vehicle that is parking your car offsite will drive to the parking area where they will be shuttled back to the venue.

Offsite Parking lot <-> Belden Town

There is a shuttle that goes from the Offsite parking lot to Belden Town.
We will have a shuttle schedule posted here and will also have it Onsite at the Gate


Friday May 11 from 10am to 3am
Saturday May 12 from 10am to Midnight
Sunday May 13 from 10am to Midnight
Monday May 14 from 8am to 2pm

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